David Coleman
President, owner,
and founder of CLG

David C. Coleman, President and Owner of CLG, is a musician with nearly thirty years experience in performing, writing, recording and producing music.

With a rich family history steeped in music and a dominant Irish heritage, David grew up with an intense love for music. His musical gifts were unearthed at an early age by various teachers who commented on his innate rhythmic and musical tendencies. The inevitable musical journey began in Middle School when he became a French Horn player in the school band. He advanced very quickly and was soon placing highly in individual and group competition. During this period, he received a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music theory.

As he reached his teenage years, he decided to pursue his true passion - drums. Having an obvious natural instinct for rhythm he picked them up quickly and soon transformed his musical identity into that of "rock and roll drummer", not soon thereafter playing in several South Florida area bands.

Near the end of his "performance career", David gained employment at a major music distribution company where he worked as a buyer for over fourteen years. His passion for Christ coupled with the many years of artistic and practical experience in the industry became the impetus for the foundation of Chrematizo Label Group.
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