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  • Chrematizo Label Group, a group of independent record labels headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee was founded in 2004 to enable Christian rock, pop, and worship acts to focus on what they do best share their vision with the world through music.

    The company was originally called "Jacob's Well Records". Biblically, Jacob's well was the place where Jesus met the Samaritan woman and shared the miraculous story of "living water" (John 4:5-26). The original mission of Jacob's Well Records was simply to meet listeners "where they're at" and share the story of salvation and reconciliation exemplified in the Jacob's well story.

    In 2006 we decided it was in our best interest to change the company name. We decided to see the change in spiritual terms as if God were renaming us as he had many individuals in the bible. For instance, Saul became Paul. Abram became Abraham. We derived the new name, "Chrematizo", from Acts 11:26. At that time God, through Saul and Barnabas, divinely labeled the disciples and those of "The Way" as "Christians". The word "Chrematizo" means "to be called" by God.

    Jacob's Well Records has been renamed Chrematizo Label Group and called by God to become a mouthpiece for Godly truths in these difficult times.
    David Coleman
    President, owner,
    and founder of CLG